ProTaxPro and the LTPA

A Powerful Knowledge Base and Software Solution Designed for the Modern Tax Professional

Our partnership with the Latino Tax Professionals Association is dedicated to providing affordable, reliable software solutions to those who serve the Latino taxpayer. Our all-inclusive packages and transparent pricing help you grow your business by allowing you to keep more of your hard-earned money in your pocket.

The Original Cloud-Based Solution

Tired of putting your office on pause to download and install updates to your desktop software? ProTaxPro is a powerful cloud-based tax filing solution designed and maintained to operate in a web browser. Our users enjoy the convenience of a completely portable program that can operate on any device, ideal for supporting both remote tax offices and in-person firms.

Helping to Grow Your Business

ProTaxPro provides a comprehensive professional tax program with an extensive list of individual forms and schedules, with additional features such as audit protection and post-filing services, affiliate marketing, refund settlement products, and education. Need 1099s and W-2s? Corporate returns? We are here for you with competitively priced packages that include it all, with no hidden fees. We support every tax firm, from those with multiple offices to those just starting out, with a variety of competitively priced packages with multiple ways to pay.


Free Software for the LTPA VIP Member

We offer a free ProTaxPro Pay-Per-Return 50 Unit package to any LTP VIP Member. These packages include a variety of helpful tools and features to help you boost your business, including:

  • Cloud-based technology for mobile access
  • No downloads or discs
  • 50 return units (federal, state, extension or amendment)
  • No e-filing fees
  • No printing fees
  • Remote office features
  • 1099/W-2 and corporate returns available
  • Low bank product transmitter fees
  • No additional technology fees
  • Multi-user access

In Need of Additional Returns?

We also offer our Unlimited 1040 packages to LTP VIP members at an exclusive price of $99 (retail $549).

Need unlimited corporate returns? Our Unlimited Developer's Edition is $249 for VIP members (retail $749).



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