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User Conference

There are lots of things to get excited for! Continue reading to find out who our special guests will be, what this event will feature, a schedule of the event, how to get your ticket(s), and more!

Special appearances from...

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And a very special mystery guest...

Special mystery guest

This event will feature...

This event will feature


Mark your calendars

Schedule of Events

*Click here to see a more detailed Schedule of Events. (All event details subject to change)

Attendance Options


in person


This ticket allows for one in-person attendee. Additional tickets may be added.

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This ticket provides virtual access for the entire office to attend.

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This bundle package includes one in-person ticket and virtual access for the entire office.

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How to Purchase Tickets

There are two ways to purchase tickets.

First option, through your ProTaxPro account.

Step 1. Log into your account at ProTaxPro.com.

Step 2. Select the Purchase tab within your account.

Step 3. Select the ticket option you would like.

Step 4. Select Continue.

Step 5. Continue through the process of signing the agreement and entering payment information.

*You will receive 5 FREE return units when you purchase.

Logging into account


Second option, through Zelle.

Step 1. Find Zelle® in your banking app and select Send.

Step 2. Click on the QR code icon displayed at the top of the Select Recipient screen.

Step 3. Your phone's camera will automatically open, allowing you to scan the QR code provided on the screen.

Step 4. Once the QR code has been scanned, enter the amount and click Send.